How Lecture Demonstrations Work:

Lecture demonstrations constitute a fast-paced tour of our music and our musical lives. We strive to maintain an equal balance between education and entertainment throughout the session, with an emphasis on the joy of performing.We begin by introducing ourselves and the many various genres of music which comprise our repertoire, sometimes using musical examples to illustrate a point.We move through renaissance, romantic, contemporary classic -usually a piece written for us by a well-known composer –classical, jazz and pop in the space of several minutes, to show how much music has evolved, and how many different types of music are out there.

Canadian Brass intersperse the musical demonstrations with anecdotes from life on the road, how we work and create our unique sound, in addition to performance practice, rehearsal technique, etc.The session ends with a ‘Q & A’ segment (although sometimes questions from the outset set the direction of the session) and a show-stopping finale intended to reinforce the idea that playing, over all, should be fun!

Duration: 1 hour

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Nicole Montano

Stephanie Reiss