How Masterclasses Work:

The session is all about improving the ensemble’s overall performance. Areas of importance we often talk about and stress are – performance, air and sound production, listening and communicating with one another and your audience, and of course, connecting with the music! The working session usually lasts an hour, during which time two to three pieces of music of the band director’s choice. Canadian Brass encourages workshop participants to prepare music from its extensive repertoire. Suggestions can be offered based on the level of the performers.

Our masterclasses are designed to accentuate the positive aspects of the ensemble, while providing feedback and suggestions to achieve the best possible sound. Conducted in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, our wealth of knowledge and experience brings out the highest level of commitment and performance from those taking part. At the end of the session, a period of Q&A can take place, and we will typically end the masterclass by performing a suitably entertaining selection!

Duration: 1 to 1.5 hour

Please contact IMG artists using the information below to discuss bookings, content and fees:

Nicole Montano

Stephanie Reiss