And So it Goes | Giles Tomkins

Celebrating 10 Years

"It's hard to believe that it has been 10 years since the release of And So It Goes. This was (and is still) a record I am very proud of. It features a collection of songs that are very dear to me, some that I grew up listening to, and others that have become 'favourites' in my concert repertoire.  In fact, even 10 years on, performing these songs for an audience is like putting on an older sweater, only to discover it fits just as well now as it did then, maybe even better!  I remain extremely fortunate to not only have this record available on the Opening Day label, but to have the support and encouragement of the Canadian Brass, who so generously lent their talents toward making this album something very special.  I'm also grateful to have had the chance to sing and record tracks by two renowned Canadian songwriters, Chris Dedrick and Trey Mills.  Both of these musicians understand the importance of a good melody and are gifted lyricists in their own right.  Their songs fit perfectly among the other classic selections from the Beatles and Billy Joel, to name a few. I hope that if you haven't discovered And So It Goes, you might give it a listen!"

- Giles Tomkins

And So it Goes - Tracklist

1. I Wonder (4:16)     
2. I'll Go Away (3:22)     
3. Non Dubitar (4:13)     
4. Shenandoah (2:45)     
5. Norwegian Wood (2:33)     
6. And So It Goes (4:34)     
7. Legacy (5:12)     
8. When the Winter Comes (3:29)     
9. Homeward Bound (3:46)     
10. O Del Mio Amato Ben (4:01)